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Welcome to OnePC.NET, your guide to your computer and the Internet.

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About OnePC.NET

Welcome to OnePC.NET, your guide to your computer and the Internet. Backed by a group of dedicated individuals who are passionate for what they do, we aim to bring the Internet and your PC closer to you. Our goal is to build a one-stop resource site for all computer users and bring together the 'net's most popular and useful computer-related web sites into one, centralized location; hence the name "OnePC." Instead of searching through hundreds and thousands of different web sites to find what you're looking for, simply drop by OnePC.NET. Whether it's a review or preview of a specific product, or a how-to article, OnePC.NET brings hundreds and thousands of sources together into one location and lets you be the first to know about it.

Background Information
Before I move on, let me just introduce myself to you. I am Kelly Lu, a plain old high-school student who basically had too much time on my hands when I first thought up this idea (explained later). I've been designing web sites since I was in grade 6 (that would make me be about 11 years old at that time) and have worked on many unique projects such as the Internet Gaming Zone, a web site dedicated to the RTS game Warcraft II and The Internet Tip Exchange, which would eventually evolve to be the iExchange Network. Unfortunately, the iExchange Network failed horribly due to the fact that it had no direction as to what it was intended to be, so I shut it down the few weeks before the launch of this site.

The idea behind OnePC.NET was first thought up during the middle of spring break, 2000. Through a few days of planning and 2 weeks of hard work in designing the site itself, it was finally launched on April 15, 2000. On that day, we attracted a whopping 20 unique visitors (!) compared to the hundreds and thousands of unique visitors that we receive today. So, the journey began...

Our Direction
We aim to deliver the most detailed and most usefull information about every product, every idea and every instruction that we write about--and in a professional manner. We look at products and ideas through our own minds, not the minds of the marketing representatives from some company. Our ideas are what readers like you like to see, and our ideas are what you're going to get.

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