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Welcome to OnePC.NET, your guide to your computer and the Internet.

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Comments or Questions?
Do you have a burning question that you have about our site that you would like to ask or what about a comment that you would like to send us? Send 'em to us!

Partnership/Business Opportunities
OnePC is growing at astonishing rates and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight! Through partnerships with other online and non-online establishments such as companies or other websites, we have reached out to all our readers and visitors to deliver just what they want to see. If you would like to work with us on a project, build a business partnership, advertise on OnePC or work with us on some sort of public-relations plan, please contact us at the following address.

Product Reviews
We strive to bring the most useful, un-biased information to our readers. By reviewing products, we help to place them in the spotlight and let the reader know about our sincere opinions and thoughts about that product. We will review just about anything technology-related.

If you have a product that you would like us to review and see posted on our site, please contact Christopher Wong, Editor in Chief of OnePC (email address found below). We do not include our shipping address anywhere on our site for our own privacy, but we will supply it for you if you decide to provide us with a product to review. Please also specify what company you're from, the product that you would like to review and a company website or product page if available.

Please keep note that we will keep most products that we receive for future reference in future articles or reviews, so please specify if you would like us to return the product before you ship us the product.

Other Contacts
The following is a list of common contacts here at OnePC. - Send news for postage on the NewsDesk here. - All materials found on our website are owned by OnePC and their respective authors. Please use this email address if you wish to use excerpts or material found on OnePC on other locations (website, print media, etc.). - Having a problem with the site? Use this email address if you're having problems with any technical aspect of the site such as HTML or server errors.

OnePC.NET Operations
Kelly Lu - CEO
Christopher Wong - Editor in Chief
Rajan Minhas - Editor, Senior Advisor
Neil Nijjar - Editor
Paul Lanyon - Editor

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